FIS Global and Dash Solutions partner with Electus to bridge the gap between childhood learning and adult responsibilities

EdTech social enterprise startup partners with FIS Global and Dash Solutions to provide card services to its learners for its first-of-its-kind education app that improves quality of life.

Driving Change: Digital Automotive Industry Refunds for Auto Loan Insurance, GAP Insurance, and Overpayments

Fast, digital auto loan insurance refunds, overpayment refunds. and GAP refund payments signify a broader digital transformation in the automotive industry, catering to convenience and efficiency while aligning with contemporary trends and consumer expectations.

Maximizing Employee Engagement and Retention: Strategies for Success

Effective strategies to boost employee engagement and retention, fostering a culture of satisfaction and loyalty in your organization.

Insights from FinTech is Femme: Empowering Women in Finance and Technology

Explore empowering insights from the FinTech is Femme Summit, highlighting the imperative for gender diversity and women in the trillion-dollar FinTech market.

The Essence of Employee Engagement: Understanding and Nurturing Organizational Success

Discover how Dash Solutions enhances organizational success by fostering employee engagement with recognition programs and collaborative tools.

Eco-Friendly Energy: Reduce Carbon Footprint with Digital Refunds

As an energy organization, reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be complicated and it can begin with updating your old payment and refunding methods with dashDisburse.

Engaging Employees: Innovative Ideas for Boosting Engagement

employee engagement ideas

Learn more about innovative employee engagement ideas to enhance productivity and build a thriving workplace culture

3 Tips to Scaling a Product Team Within a Growth-Stage Company

Explore how the product team at Dash Solutions navigates the ever-changing landscape of the payments industry, scaling and creating roadmaps based on company growth, change, and new opportunities.

Dash Solutions Wins Prestigious Sales & Customer Service Award

Dash Solutions wins bronze in the Incentive, Reward, and Recognition Provider of the Year category in the 2024 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Fueling Engagement: Proven Tactics for Workplace Fulfillment

Discover key strategies to improve employee engagement and build a thriving, productive workplace for lasting success.