Our service-oriented, digital disbursement platform puts you in control with a strategic, end-to-end payment experience.

Let us revolutionize how you handle payments with our hassle-free dashDisburse solution.


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Our digital disbursement solution mixes secure and scalable payments with innovative technology designed to seamlessly disburse funds to your constituents. With an easy-to-use program management portal, dedicated implementations team and real-time reporting, dashDisburse is the most convenient solution for you.

How we help your business

Elevate your payment processes with dashDisburse to provide fast, secure and convenient payments.

• Reduced risk of check and other financial fraud
• Expedited payments to payees
• Seamless integration into existing AP system

How we help payees

Provide your customers, vendors and partners with a fast and easy payment experience.

• Real-time access to funds
• Easy monitoring of payment status for transparency
• User-friendly interface with personalized features

Deliver digital disbursements more effectively and efficiently

dashDisburse provides a digital, branded, fast and secure way for companies to handle corporate disbursements.

Eliminate escheatment liability

Reduce check fraud

Fast, safe and engaging way to pay

Simplified digital delivery of disbursement payments - in an instant

SpendIT SendIT is our proprietary tech-driven payout system designed for high volume commercial disbursements that features real-time delivery of payments and flexible choice for payees to spend or send the funds they receive. This cutting-edge solution replaces antiquated checks and delivers payment as a virtual card via flexible delivery models, including email or SMS. This new payment solution addresses the growing market demand for real-time, frictionless, commercial disbursements to consumers and will reduce the administrative costs of the payout process. 

Industries we serve

The most modern payment and engagement solutions in the industry


We created many challenges for Dash Solutions that were met in a timely manner and with a wonderful outcome”


Sr. Director or USDA Food and Nutrition Programs, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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