SpendIT SendIT ™

Streamline the digital payment process by providing a single and secure solution for all payment types.

Digital delivery of funds in an instant

SpendIT SendIT streamlines digital money movement in a unique and safe way to fit your program requirements. We work with you and simplify the user experience to allow recipients to leverage our industry leading payments platform to have a choice – to spend or send the funds they receive.



  1. Single API for Order/Load/Activate and Reloads
  2. Simple STFP structure for batch orders or when physical cards are needed
  3. Dash Online Administrative Portal
  1. Direct delivery of unique shortened link in an existing customer platform
  2. Customizable email via Dash Solutions
  3. SMS delivery via Dash Solutions

Single or recurring real-time digital payment delivery with immediate access to funds for the recipient.

  • Push to Debit: Transfer to an eligible Visa or Mastercard debit card. Posts immediately.
  • PayPal and Venmo: Posts within 30 minutes.
  • ACH: Transfer to a U.S. bank account. Posts as soon as same-day or next business day.
  • Personal Check: Funds can be converted to a check. Delivered via USPS First Class. 
  • From a single link, recipient can add card credentials directly into Apple Pay and Google Pay without a visit to the app store.
  • With a few taps on a mobile device, the wallet opens, and the user can tap and pay in seconds.
  • If on a desktop, recipients can receive a link texted to their mobile device to add card to a mobile wallet.

Embedded transfer choice for recipients

Recipients are able to use digital payments with immediate access to their funds. If immediate access isn’t quite their flavor, Our proprietary solution features integrations with Visa, MasterCard, Venmo, and Paypal, to facilitate push to debit, ACH, international ACH, cardless ATM transactions, and check issuance allowing funds to be transferred to many different payout modalities.

For consumers who have a lack of trust or who are unwilling to pay a premium, Spend IT SendIT provides a safe and flexible way for payees to spend or send the funds they receive.

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Other powerful cardholder capabilities include:

  • Freeze with one click if lost or stolen
  • Request a physical card (if program allows)
  • Copy number to clipboard for online checkouts
  • View purchases, transactions, loads and more


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We provide innovative payment solutions that continue to evolve with the times. Our dashDisburse solution and subsequent SpendIT SendIT tool are backed by proprietary and customizable technology that drive efficiency for your commercial and consumer disbursements.

How we help payors

• Eliminate the cost associated with the payment
• Offload the customer service associated with the payment
• Revert custodial escheatment responsibilities

How we help payees

• Immediate access to the underlying funds
• Flexibility payout modalities and disbursement optionality
• Inherent zero fraud protection from association

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