Real-Time Payments in a Digital World

Real-time payments are becoming increasingly important for businesses, customers, employees, and the economy as a whole. Explore the latest developments in RTPs and how your business can benefit.

Payments with Dash Solutions

Moving to prepaid cards gives you more control while empowering your employees, vendors, and customers.

Learn how a digital payments system can transform your business and why Prepaid Technologies is the perfect partner to make it happen.

Global Remittances: Bridging Borders with Quick and Secure Transfers

Juan Ortiz, one of our Marketing Managers, gives a personal account about why offering fast and convenient global remittances is a strategic move that aligns with the evolving payments needs of an ever-globalized world.

Should Payments be Invisible in the Consumer and Business Experience?

Matt Frye, our Chief Product Officer, gives the scoop on why transparent and frictionless payments are integral to an optimized and convenient user experience.

Holiday Gift Card Giving Expected to be Another Favorite in 2023

A Sit-Down with Marlene Johnson, Recognition Client Relationship Manager about how giving employees freedom to allocate their rewards according to their needs acknowledges that individualized interests, preferences, and well-being matters.

Dash Solutions Hires Seton Marshall as Chief Financial Officer

Dash Solutions hires Seton Marshall as Chief Financial Officer, adding financial technology and services expertise to the executive team.

Press Release: Dash Solutions Acquires KyckGlobal, Advancing Its Industry-Leading Payments Platform

Full Press Release: Dash Solutions acquires Atlanta-based Fintech KyckGlobal, advancing its industry-leading payments platform.

Dash Solutions Acquires Atlanta-based Fintech, KyckGlobal

Dash Solutions acquires Atlanta-based Fintech KyckGlobal, advancing its industry-leading payments platform. This means more growth and innovation for our customers and partners. Read more today.

Dash Solutions: Where People Make the Difference

Our people – a beating heart that permeates every corner of our organization – are the driving force behind all our endeavors.

Pathward, Dash Solutions Extend Partnership and Take on Untapped Disbursements Market with Real-Time Payment Solutions

The extended partnership will enable real-time1 disbursements to end-consumers through SpendIT SendIT, the cutting-edge solution that allows consumers to use or transfer disbursed funds to their personal accounts.