Dash Solutions: Where People Make the Difference

People drive workplace culture.

Here at Dash Solutions, we genuinely believe in the power of our people. Our culture – a beating heart that permeates every corner of our organization – is the driving force behind all our endeavors. It is the fuel that keeps the Dash machine running smoothly, and it’s why we continuously strive for the perfect blend of innovation, collaboration, and ambition. Our diverse and passionate team makes our wheels turn daily, continually pushing us toward our goals. We believe all of our team members are amazing, but today, we are spotlighting a few leaders who steer the Dash ship, navigating us to new shores of success. 


With a spirit of gratitude and pride, let’s delve into the stories and achievements of Gylmer Bicksler, Matt Frye, and Nick Pompa, each a shining example of the talent that makes Dash Solutions the powerhouse it is. 

Pioneering Partner Success- Gylmer Bicksler

Gylmer Bicksler, our Senior Vice President of Partner Success, is a powerhouse of innovation and strategic thinking. She’s led some of the most critical and transformative projects here at Dash Solutions, truly epitomizing our ethos of fostering deep, meaningful relationships with our partners. 


A significant feather in Gylmer’s cap is the successful implementation of the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tool. Under her careful watch, this ingenious tool has redefined how we interact and engage with our partners. Streamlining partner onboarding, automating lead submissions through an integration with our Salesforce CRM, providing partners access to co-brandable marketing and sales materials, and offering real-time deal tracking, Gylmer’s vision has added a new layer of engagement with our partners and revolutionized our operations.  


Gylmer’s unwavering dedication and leadership have demonstrated how emphasizing partner success can open new horizons for Dash Solutions. Her tenacity and commitment continue to inspire us all as a shining example of the power of a partner-oriented mindset. 

Charting the Product's Path- Matt Frye

Matt Frye, our Chief Product Officer, embodies the ethos of adaptive thinking and strategic evolution. As the architect of our product development strategy, he has consistently ensured that Dash Solutions stays ahead of the curve and remains adaptable to the dynamic needs of the market. 


Matt’s leadership skills and forward-thinking approach have made him instrumental in revamping our Product Team. His vision has been crucial in reshaping the team to adapt to market needs more swiftly and effectively. This revamp has significantly impacted how we evolve our roadmaps for various solutions, aligning us closer to our mission and ensuring we deliver the utmost value to our customers. 


Beyond this, Matt served as the executive sponsor of the cross-functional team that led the deal evaluation for WorkStride, (a leading provider of incentive, employee recognition and reward programs company Dash Soltuions acquired in May 2022.) He navigated the complexities of this pivotal acquisition and oversaw the subsequent integration of operating models post-acquisition. His role in this vital project ensured that the integration process and the transition were smooth for our team and our customers. 


Whether reshaping teams or overseeing crucial acquisitions, Matt’s strategic and adaptive approach ensures Dash Solutions continues pushing the envelope and setting new product development benchmarks. His leadership and vision have driven us forward and nurtured a culture of innovation and adaptability within our team. 

fun headshot- matt

Powering Tech Evolution- Nick Pompa

fun headshot- nick

If there’s one name synonymous with our technology journey, it’s Nick Pompa, our Chief Technology Officer. Nick has always been the go-to person in our tech evolution, leading the charge toward future growth initiatives and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 


Scaling up our engineering organization to support future growth initiatives has been a monumental achievement under Nick’s leadership. His strategic vision and tactical acuity have been instrumental in amplifying our engineering capabilities and setting the foundation for our ambitious growth trajectory. This foresight and strategic action enable Dash Solutions to remain agile and resilient in the face of the ever-evolving tech landscape. 


But Nick’s impact doesn’t stop there. Under his guidance, we launched a new solution into the market, a testament to his commitment to innovation and excellence. This successful launch was more than just bringing a new solution to our customers. It was about demonstrating our capabilities to continuously innovate, adapt, and deliver on our promise of exceptional value. 



Furthermore, Nick led a complete redesign of Dash core systems. This effort has made our systems more scalable, flexible, and resilient, enabling us to handle the growing demands of our business easily. Through this redesign, Nick has significantly bolstered our overall security posture, ensuring that our systems remain robust and secure in an age where data security is paramount. 


Through these accomplishments, Nick embodies the spirit of innovation and technological prowess that propels Dash Solutions forward. His leadership continues to power our technological evolution, ensuring we’re always ready for the future. 

The Dash Solutions Legacy

With leaders like Gylmer, Matt, and Nick, it’s no wonder Dash Solutions is a beacon of innovation, a hub for strategic growth, and a platform for success. Each leader brings their unique touch to their role, bolstering our culture and enriching the Dash Solutions legacy. 


Gylmer’s unwavering dedication to partner success has broadened our horizons and deepened our relationships. Matt’s strategic mindset and adaptability have expanded our product’s evolution. Nick’s technological prowess has powered our ability to innovate and adapt in the rapidly shifting tech landscape. 

As we reflect on their journeys, their achievements, and their impact, we are reminded of the core values that bind us at Dash Solutions. 


This is a team where every individual matters, where every role counts, and where we all contribute to the symphony that is Dash Solutions. Whether you’re interested in joining our team or a client interested in partnering with us, rest assured that our people – our most prized asset- will always be at the heart of what we do. 

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