Sales Training and Incentives with Moen

Product Training and Incentives with Moen

Moen, a leading manufacturer of plumbing products, recognized the importance of providing its sales representatives with continuous training, order management, and support to stay ahead of the competition. Moen partnered with Dash Solutions, a leading employee engagement and incentive solutions provider, to achieve this goal.


Moen is a leading provider of American faucets and other fixtures headquartered in North Olmsted, Ohio. Before partnering with Dash Solutions, Moen’s legacy incentive program was falling short in adequately executing the product incentivization and delivering the training modules their channel partners found meaningful for a program with thousands of participants.


Moen made participation in the training modules a prerequisite for earning rewards through SPIFFs, which encourages reps to complete the modules. Completing the customized modules unlocks attractive sales promotions that are only available to those who have passed the training. The examinations reinforce the training content and ensure the sales reps retained the information. Moen dealer reps are encouraged to complete initial trainings that lead them to more complex trainings resulting in additional rewards, spiffs on selling specific products, and knowledge advancement. The system also allows sales representatives to submit their order claims quickly and efficiently in an automated process.


From an administrative standpoint, the program automated many of the previously manual backend claims administration tasks, saving time and mitigating the risk of user error when validating claims. To date, the Cash Flow Rewards program has provided Moen showroom reps with thousands of opportunities for rewards, with thousands of incentivized SKUs. These incentives include targeted cash-back, a flexible branded reloadable Visa card, and savings at numerous participating retailers and merchants.


The partnership between Moen and Dash Solutions proved to be a successful one. By implementing a training and incentive system with fast payouts, Moen was able to improve its sales team’s knowledge and skills, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Moen’s sales representatives were the most successful with their sales and improved performance. The rewards system provided by Dash Solutions was an effective motivator, leading to increased engagement and participation by sales representatives.

“Partnering with Dash Solutions has allowed us to elevate our channel incentives and our training capabilities to new heights. Their platform is intuitive and user friendly, making it easy for our team to create and manage the programs that truly resonate with them. We are further fostering a culture of collaboration and driving engagement.”

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