Drive performance, loyalty and revenue through secure, customizable and flexible prepaid reward cards.

Appreciating and engaging your employees just got easier. With dashReward,  a flexible prepaid Visa® card, you get to give more than just a standard gift. dashReward cards are a gateway for your employees to choose the perfect gift – whether it’s enjoying a holiday feast, shopping at their favorite store, or indulging in a vacation, their options are almost limitless.


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dashReward, a secure and seamless prepaid reward card solution, delivers flexible payouts, efficient portal capabilities that integrate into your existing workflow, and passes unmatched value to your recipients. Whether it’s for employee recognition, sales and marketing programs, customer loyalty programs, or partner incentives, dashReward is the right solution.

How we help employers

Increasing loyalty, motivating employees and distributing rewards can take many shapes and forms. dashReward is a flex solution to meet your needs and deliver value.

• Customizable and branded to your business
• Reloadable and recurring rewards that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow
• Quick reward orders to any location, for any occasion

How we help recipients

Employees engage, partners act, and customers respond when you use the reward currency of choice. Say thank you to the people who matter most with dashReward.

• Flexibility to spend online or in-store
• Mobile wallet and contactless payment features for on-the-go access
• Cashback rewards and discounts for more value

Provide meaningful value with accountability

Increase loyalty, strengthen partnerships, and motivate positive behaviors, all while giving recipients a reward they truly prefer. 

Align with your brand and values

Flexible & motivating rewards

Target audiences for a personalized experience

Admin portal that integrates with your existing workflows

Optimize your program with reporting or analytics

Dedicated account and end-user support

Industries we serve

The most modern payment and engagement solutions in the industry


Partnering with Dash Solutions has allowed us to elevate our channel incentives and our training capabilities to new heights… we are further fostering a culture of collaboration and driving engagement.

-Channel Marketing Manager, Moen

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