International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Dynamic and Devoted Women of Dash Solutions

Dash Solutions is proud to acknowledge International Women’s Day (IWD)a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  

Fit for the future

As a high-growth fintech company, we recognize the importance of having different perspectives to help Dash Solutions reach our full potential. While women are underrepresented in our industry, making up 19% of fintech executives, our executive leadership team, comprised of 40% women, is double the industry average. We are building a more sustainable team that is fit for the future with 49% of our total company being women.  

We value all of our strong leaders, and on International Women’s Day, it is with great pleasure that we can recognize and celebrate some of the women of Dash Solutions who have led some of our most recent projects and initiatives. 


Knowledge is Power

In the last year, Dash Solutions has increased our team members by 21%. With many new faces around the office and wanting staying knowledgeable in an industry that is ever evolving, it’s important for every Dash Solutions employee (new hires and veterans alike) to easily attain training materials. Mary Bradley Anderson, a veteran Dash Solutions employee and our in-house Training Coordinator recently spearheaded efforts to launch Dash University to develop and train our employees in a consistent way.  
Dash University is rooted in the belief that a well-trained and knowledgeable workforce is the key to innovation and success. Dash Solutions is committed to empowering our employees with accessible, engaging, and impactful learning experiences that not only enhance their current roles but also prepare them for future opportunities within our organization.  

By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we aspire to create a workforce that is agile, adaptable, and ready to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are very thankful for Mary Bradley and Dash University, which gives employees a better understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs well.  

Natural Innovation

As a seasoned product manager, innovation comes naturally to Cassie Lehman. Cassie works daily with fellow Dash Solutions product managers to configure new solutions for our customers, and she is consistently challenging herself and our team to create new ways for Dash Solutions to address the growing market demand for realtime, frictionless disbursements for customers. Cassie recently led the launch of SpendIT SendIT™, our new cutting-edge payout solution that allows consumers to use or transfer disbursed funds to their personal accounts. SpendIT SendIT is a unified payout system that features real-time delivery of various payment types and offers flexible access for consumers to spend or send the funds they receive. Cassie’s leadership and cross-functional collaboration were instrumental when introducing this new payout feature to the market last year. Dash Solutions is thankful for Cassie and our entire product team for their commitment to innovation.    

Compliant and creative

Lacey Cencula is a radiant light at Dash Solutions. Known for always bringing an energetic approach to her work – and to dance classes she leads the team on occasion. Last year Lacey played a big part, along with other members of the compliance team, in rallying us in thoughtful ways to keep us focused on completing eight different comprehensive compliance reviews and coordinating monthly dispute reviews. There are many rules and regulations that set and govern compliant payments best practices and Lacey’s natural enthusiasm helps our team to focus on keeping our compliance standards a top priority.  


The compliance team at Dash Solutions is responsible for overseeing internal controls for compliance with Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). They also manage and coordinate all independent and issuing bank audits and coordinate and conduct company-wide employee and agent training regarding BSA, AML, OFAC internal controls, issuing bank requirements and industry updates.  

Cheers to Six Years

With six years of Dash marketing experience and more than 20 years as a marketer, Elisa Nelson, one of our dedicated marketing managers recently celebrated her sixth Dash-a-versary. We commemorate the incredible six-year milestone of Elisa’s journey with Dash Solutions. In the dynamic landscape of our industry, Elisa has been a beacon of consistency, contributing significantly to our growth and success. From the very beginning of her time at Dash Solutions, Elisa embraced challenges with a positive attitude, transforming obstacles into opportunities for innovation and improvement. Elisa played a key role in the  rebranding of our company and launching our new website last year. After six years, she still continues to come up with creative ways to make businesses familiar with Dash Solutions’ brand and communicate the value of our solutions to our customers. Congratulations, Elisa on six remarkable years on the Dash Solutions marketing team!  

Everyday passion

Cymone Whitt is an amazing Dash Solutions account manager. Cymone listens to our customers and she is truly passionate about providing the right solutions. Cymone’s dedication has been recognized by our customers and her peers. Dash Solutions account managers play a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships with our valued customers. Cymone, like many Dash Solutions account managers, has a unique combination of skills and responsibilities tailored to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Cymone is fantastic at building relationships and advocating for her customers. She has been with Dash Solutions for 2.5 years and has an in-depth understanding of our products and services, which helps her tailor solutions that best fit the needs of her customers. Cymone receives ongoing accolades in SPARK spotlight, our employee recognition platform, for going above and beyond to support our customers. We are thankful for the many ways she continues to wow our customers.