Who is Dash Solutions?

Dash Solutions Rebrand Announcement

Rebrand Video Transcript

We’ve been working for some time to rebrand our company under the new name Dash Solutions. We’re doing this by bringing two great industry leaders together, both Prepaid Technologies and the WorkStride organization. Both of these are companies that are providing cutting edge technology to the marketplace that’s delivering great payments and engagement solutions. Solutions has always been a big part of our business, and we’ve always been solving for what’s next for our customers. So we wanted to elevate that as part of our brand. And we’ll continue to be investing in technology and innovation in the future. So the future is bright for Dash Solutions under our new brand.

Dash Solutions Rebrands for a Bright Future

We are excited to announce that Prepaid Technologies is now Dash Solutions. We’re offering cutting-edge payment and engagement solutions backed by our extensive experience.

While the video accurately answers “Who is Dash Solutions,” it doesn’t do justice to our 25-years in the payment and engagement industry, and all the parts which synergize to make our company who it is. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog series, where we’ll delve deeper into our culture, team, and the qualities that define us. Here’s to a bright future for Dash Solutions!