Dash Bash 2024: Reflecting on our why, celebrating success, investing in our future

For many, the start of a new year means refreshing and resetting. It might mean it’s a time for bowl games, Crock-Pots full of soups and chilis, and warm blankets and fires due to the chilly temperatures January often brings. At Dash Solutions, we know the new year means we’ll be gathering our entire organization at our Birmingham headquarters for our annual Dash Bash. The Dash Bash gives us an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate, and to invest in our future.

The Dash Bash gives us an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate, and to invest in our future.

Evolving with the times and remembering our why

The payments industry is ever-evolving. Payment methods have changed dramatically since our company’s inception, primarily due to digital disruption and advancements in technology. What started as a “prepaid card company” has matured with the times into a fintech focused on digital payment solutions. For 25 years, we have adapted with our customers and partners as their businesses have grown and changed. The technology we’re using to configure cutting-edge solutions is changing, the size of our team is changing, and our processes are also improving and evolving. We welcome change at Dash Solutions. The continuous development in the payments industry energizes our team and gives us an opportunity to embrace our reality that we are always learning and growing with our customers and partners. 

Our Founder, Tommy McCulley, spent 25+ years in financial services before starting Dash Solutions (Prepaid Technologies at the time). His mission in 1998 was to provide payment solutions to help customers operate their businesses more effectively. Fast forward to our 2024 Dash Bash, and today, that is still why we we’re motivated to configure solutions that add value, efficiency, and greater engagement for our customers. The Dash Bash gives us an opportunity to reflect on our why.

Commitment to culture

Although much has changed in the payments industry over the years, many of the core values our company was founded on have not changed. This is one of the many qualities that distinguishes Dash Solutions as a unique and exceptional company. 

The Dash Bash gives us an opportunity to invest in our S.P.A.R.K., our core values – Solutions, Passion, Authenticity, Respect, Key to success is in asking, “why not”. The flame that keeps our business moving forward is our S.P.A.R.K. While all Dash Solutions employees have S.P.A.R.K., at the Dash Bash, we recognize certain employees who have an extra glow to their flame with special quarterly and annual S.P.A.R.K. awards. Aligned under these five values, we continuously work to exemplify recognition as a culture throughout our organization.

Celebrating success

At the Dash Bash, there’s plenty of time dedicated to celebrating our teams’ success and reflecting on the previous year. In 2023, we created and launched new solutions for our customers and partners and expanded our team with the acquisition of Kyck Global. We had record-breaking customer satisfaction scores, and we even said farewell to the brand (Prepaid Technologies) that served as the genesis of our company. In 2023, we onboarded hundreds of new customers and introduced Dash Solutions and DashSolutions.com to the market. 2023 was good to us. So good, it started raining chocolate gold coins during a Dash Bash team presentation! IYKYK.

A founding member of our company reminded us at this year’s Dash Bash that as Dash Solutions employees, we all have different “beginning” dates that started our journey at Dash Solutions.  We’ll all have different “end” dates too, but that’s not what’s important. What matters is remembering why we help our customers and partners solve their challenges, and what we accomplish in our time at Dash Solutions to help them be more effective.  

We concluded the 2024 Dash Bash energized and excited about our mission in 2024: to continue to help our customers operate their businesses more effectively. 

Written by:  
Katie Inabinet 

VP, Human Resources  

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