Streamlined Payroll Solutions with Universal Textiles

Streamlined Payroll Solutions with University Textiles

Universal Textiles, a prominent player in the carpet and synthetic turf manufacturing industry, is known for its innovative performance backing systems. With a solid commitment to sustainability, the company’s range of environmentally conscious products has earned widespread acclaim in commercial, hospitality, and residential applications. Universal Textiles relies on the superior quality of Universal Textile Technologies (UTT) backings, including their BioCelTM, EnviroCelTM, and EnviroCelTM HomeTM solutions, to deliver exception carpeting and turf solutions.


They faced a significant challenge in finding an alternative payment solution for employees without bank accounts. Traditional payroll methods were limited in accommodating such situations, inconveniencing the company and its employees by spending countless hours on outdated calculating and distribution methods.


With our expertise in financial technology, we proposed implementing dashPay. This innovative offering enables the company to provide employees with a reliable and efficient method to receive their wages, even those without a traditional bank account. By partnering with Dash Solutions, Universal Textiles gained a streamlined and convenient solution that solved its payroll challenges. DashPay offered employees a reliable and secure way to instantly access their wages and provided
a convenient alternative to traditional banking services to ensure inclusivity.


Dash Solutions’ collaboration with Universal Textiles showcases our commitment to modernizing and simplifying business financial processes. By introducing dashPay, we provided Universal Textiles with a cutting-edge tool to enhance their payroll operations and empower their employees. As a service-oriented and forward-thinking company, Dash Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their financial systems, streamline processes, and drive employee satisfaction.

“Dash Solutions has revolutionized our payroll system, making it more inclusive and convenient for our workforce.”

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See how dashPay opened doors to financial inclusion for Universal Textiles' employees, giving them access to various financial services such as making purchases, paying bills, and saving money.
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