Dash Solutions Hits Record Payments Volume, Expands Team in Response to Surge in Demand

Following a landmark year of growth, Dash Solutions enhances product offerings to meet accelerating demand for real-time payment solutions.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – (Businesswire) – March 27, 2024

Dash Solutions, the leader in payments enablement, today reported more than $50 billion in total payments volume, a 20% growth in employee headcount, and the doubling of its disbursements segment in 2023 as the company onboarded hundreds of new customers eager for cutting-edge real-time payment solutions.

Dash Solutions added more than 600 new customers in 2023, including best-in-class healthcare providers, product manufacturing companies, and global brands. The company also engaged in strategic partnerships with software companies, embedding payments directly into their workflows. For the five-year period ending December 2023, the company realized 10x revenue growth.

“Reflecting on our remarkable journey surpassing $50 billion in total payments volume, it’s clear that our steadfast commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is resonating powerfully in the market,” said Dash Solutions CEO Stephen Faust. “Our recent strategic acquisitions and investments in our technology suite reaffirm our position as the leader in payments enablement.”

“These milestones underscore our resolve to invest significantly and enhance the tech serving our growing market demand. This steady evolution ensures we remain at the forefront of real-time business payment solutions and continue to shape its future,” said Faust.

Alongside revenue, load, and partner growth, overall headcount increased by 20% in 2023. Among key senior leadership hires were Chief Financial Officer Seton Marshall, former president and chief operating officer at Arlington Capital Advisors, and Chief Technology Officer Tan Truong, formerly Chief Operating Officer at Vesta.

"Reflecting on our remarkable journey surpassing $50 billion in total payments volume, it's clear that our steadfast commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is resonating powerfully in the market".

“Through a strategic approach of investments and acquisitions, Dash has expanded its offerings beyond card payments, now providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to customers and partners,” said Dash Solutions Chief Product Officer Matt Frye. “As the pioneering end-to-end payments platform, we’re primed for continued growth by aligning product enhancements with our customers’ evolving needs, notably through embedded and configurable payment solutions. This approach highlights our commitment to innovation and distinctly positions us at the front of the pack in a dynamic digital payments market.”

Marking one year since rebranding from Prepaid Technologies, Dash Solutions celebrates this milestone, propelled by its strategic acquisition of WorkStride.

In August 2023, Dash Solutions acquired KyckGlobal, broadening digital payment options and enhancing operational scope, and extended its partnership with Pathward through 2028. The acquisition of KyckGlobal enhanced the company’s custom payout solution, SpendIT SendIT, enabling consumer payees to use funds immediately or move their funds to other accounts they own.

These moves underscore the company’s commitment to a customer-first approach, delivering visionary configurable solutions aligned with a new strategic vision for real-time payments.

About Dash Solutions

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