Employee Gifting for the Holidays: Balancing Choice & Consideration

It’s easy to focus your efforts on customers during the holiday season. After all, happy customers equal more sales, right?  While you should of course aim to give your customers and clients the best possible service and experience, your workforce is just as important.

Rewards and incentives are an effective way of boosting employee morale, loyalty, and engagement, and engaged employees are more likely to stick around. Statistics suggest that businesses can reduce staff turnover by up to 59% by making sure their employees are highly engaged.

‘Tis the Season to Make Staff Happy

What better time to thank your employees for the work put in over the previous twelve months than the most wonderful time of the year? Especially when you might not have been able to have as many in-person conversations to express your appreciation, from social distancing measures or employees working from home. At a time when many people are feeling lonelier and more isolated than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, showing your appreciation is even more important.

Introducing a simple, yet powerful holiday rewards program into your business can make a real difference in boosting morale. And, depending on your industry, the holiday season might be peak period for sales—an even bigger reason to want to put smiles on your employees’ faces.

Employers are faced with a bewildering array of options when it comes to holiday gifts and rewards. But rewards that offer both choice and flexibility always come out on top as the reward of choice. So giving your employees what they want is the best way to give them the reward experience they’ll appreciate the most and get the most out of. And in turn, you’ll earn their appreciation and loyalty.

So, how do you give them what they want? For the best all-round experience, holiday reward cards beat paper checks or an item that may not resonate with ALL of your employees. Just because you think something is awesome, doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Prepaid cards are easily loadable, safer, easier to track, and cheaper than any other method of incentivizing with cash.

A Better Experience for Your Employees

  • A personalized message goes a long way with holiday rewards cards. Whether that’s simply adding their name and wishing them happy holidays, or writing a message that’s personal to them and their individual performance, it’s going to make them feel more valued as an employee.
  • While gift cards for specific stores are nice, prepaid cards are more flexible, and much more appreciated. Your employees can use them to fund their passions, hobbies, and interests, or simply treat themselves to something they wouldn’t normally buy. Ultimately, they have the choice of where to spend their holiday reward.
  • Your employees will benefit from their holiday reward cards immediately. As soon as they receive their card (either digitally or a physical card), they can start using them. Compare that to giving things like logoed apparel, cash that gets lost in their paycheck, or outdated or unwanted merchandise.

A Better Experience for Managers and Executives 

  • Being able to offer digital holiday reward cards also means rapid fulfillment, so if the holiday season is your busiest time of year, it’s still easy to arrange them at the last minute and not drop the ball. ( Physical cards can even be ordered, produced, and shipped within days.)
  • The speed of ordering and fulfillment saves you money and person-hours that you might otherwise spend on other types of rewards.  
  • Holiday reward cards offer security and support . . . lost or stolen card?  We have their back!
  • You can customize and brand them to your business, boosting your marketing power and top-of-mind awareness by including your company’s logo.

All the ways that prepaid reward cards make the holiday gifting experience better for you, also make the experience better for your employees. Driving employee engagement and building a stronger relationship with your workforce results in benefits for both you and them.

Using Holiday Reward Cards for Everyone Involved in Your Business

It’s not only employees you can reward for the holidays with prepaid cards, they work for clients, customers, partners, contractors, or anyone your business wants to reward/gift for the holidays. You’re likely to have different levels of knowledge of different people, their likes and dislikes for example, so spending time trying to decide on something that’s to each individual is hard to say the least.

Prepaid Technologies digital dash™Rewards let you send prepaid holiday reward cards in as little as 14 seconds, but if delivering plastics to their doorstep is right for your business, we do that too.

To find out more about giving your employees a better gifting experience this holiday season, get in touch with us today.