Payment and Engagement Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Dash Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of digital payment, reward, and motivation solutions tailored to meet the needs of a variety of energy and utility companies offering electricity, gas, telephone services, water, and more.


Industry Challenges

  • Outdated credit balance and security deposit refund methods via paper check are costly and cause administrative burden.

  • Disbursing dividend and cash-back payments in deregulated energy markets is still being done in a slow, antiquated fashion.
  • Check fraud is rising and is cause for consumer and administrative headache due to lost or stolen payments.
  • Retaining consumers and creating customer loyalty is difficult within degregulated utility and energy markets.

Use Cases


  • Credit balance refunds
  • Service outage credits
  • Security deposit refunds


  • Dividend payments
  • Contractor payments
  • Rebate payouts
  • Employee payroll


  • Account switching initiatives
  • Demand response rewards
  • Employee recognition
  • Staff rewards


  • Contractor spend account
  • Internal expenses
  • Travel expenses


  • Speedy Payments: Deliver payments and refunds near-instantly, improve cash flow, and save time for both payor and payee.

  • Reduce Risk: Protect customers’ privacy with more secure and compliant credit balance refund processes.

  • Improve Efficiency: Utilize cost-effective, quicker payment methods.

  • Increase Satisfaction: Improve customer satisfaction by making it faster, easier, and more convenient to receive a refund, payment, reward, or credit.

  • Boost Morale: Recognize and reward utility employees or contractors through an end-to-end, modern reward and engagement platform.

  • Ease Administrative Burden: Cloud-based payment and engagement solutions can save organizations time and stress of manual work.

  • Eliminate Escheatment Liability: Dash Solutions takes full responsibility of escheatment liability so your company doesn’t have to.

Things To Consider

How can we make sending credit balance refunds, security deposit refunds, or dividends easier for your organization?

Do you have an expense management tool to keep track of contractor and employee expenses?

Are you you incurring costs within your energy or utilities business when it comes to payments?

Is escheatment a nightmare? How about replacing lost contractor paychecks or refund checks?

Is there concern for fraud associated with payment or refund delivery via check?

Do you have a streamlined way to pay contractors who may not have bank accounts?

The Dash Solutions Suite offers a modern way to manage payment and engagement needs within any segment of an energy or utility company.

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