Digital Payment Solutions for Alternative Lending

When it comes to alternative lending organizations’ loan and reconciliation payments, Dash Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of digital payment, reward, and motivation solutions. Each solution is tailored to meet the needs of a variety of lending organizations offering alternative loans to customers.


Industry Challenges

  • Outdated payment methods (such as cash or paper checks) tend to cause administrative burden for both lenders and borrowers.
  • Maintaining cost-effectiveness has become difficult for lenders in the current macroeconomic environment.
  • Slow, antiquated payment practices are still being used to disburse funds to borrowers.

  • Outdated payment methods (such as paper checks) tend to cause administrative burden for both patients and providers.
  • Fraud is rising and having a safe, compliant, and secure payment process for loan disbursement is extremely important.

  • Lack of motivation of lending organization employees can occur due to high stress levels and demands.

Use Cases

Micro / Unsecured Loans

  • Payday advance lending

  • Micro loan payments

Title Loans

  • Title loan payments

  • Employee motivation

Loan Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation payments

  • Overpayment refunds

Alternative Lending Employees

  • Employee Motivation

  • Employee Rewards


  • Speedy Payments: Deliver loan payments near-instantly, improve cash flow, and save time for both payor and payee.
  • Reduce Risk: Protect customers’ privacy with more secure and compliant loan disbursement methods.
  • Improve Efficiency: Utilize cost-effective payment methods for alternative lending disbursements.
  • Increase Satisfaction: Improve payee satisfaction by making it faster, easier, and more convenient to receive a loan payment.
  • Boost Morale: Recognize and reward lending employees through an end-to-end, modern engagement platform.
  • Ease Administrative Burden: Cloud-based payment and engagement solutions can save organizations time and stress of manual work.
  • Eliminate Escheatment Liability: Dash Solutions takes full responsibility of escheatment liability so your alternative lending organization doesn’t have to.

Things To Consider

Are you still making payments by paper check?

Are there pain points resulting from your current alternative loan payment methods?

Are you incurring costs from your payment or reconciliation methods?

Is escheatment a nightmare? How about replacing lost loan checks?

Is there concern for fraud associated with loan delivery by check?

If you answered yes to the questions above, we can help!

Want to learn more about our alternative lending disbursement solution?