Behind the Scenes: The Journey of Streamlined Patient Refunds

by Cassie Lehmann, Product Manager, dashDisburse

dashDisburse for Seamless Patient Refunds

In the healthcare industry, getting patient refunds into the hands of patients quickly and efficiently is extremely important, and at Dash Solutions, we are always working to create top-notch solutions to streamline payments for our clients.

dashDisburse can seamlessly deliver a digital payment to a patient via an email or text message. After a patient validates their identity for security purposes, they can choose how they use their funds. They may choose to spend funds through their virtual card, online or with mobile wallet provisioning, allowing them access to add funds to mobile pay wallets, such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay™, or they can choose to send the funds elsewhere.

For patients who choose not to transact with the virtual card, the solution enables them to transfer funds to other accounts they own, including PayPal™ and Venmo™, push to debit cards, bank ACH transactions, or paper check (though that is not our favorite option!). All options can be performed with just a few clicks on their mobile device, anywhere, upon receipt of the digital payment notification.

What exactly does this mean to healthcare clients and why and how did we go about developing a disbursement solution for patient refunds?

Building a Patient Refund Solution for Better Healthcare Experiences

As we began the ideation process for our disbursement solution for patient refunds, we knew dashDisburse would not only eliminate manual processes and reduce costs associated with physical check delivery for healthcare clients, but it would also grant real-time access to funds for patients without the worry of lost checks, undelivered mail, or dreaded check fraud.


Making the payment experience seamless, secure, compliant, and easy for both the client and the end user – the patient being refunded – was an important objective when creating our disbursement solution. Building on our existing Dash Solutions technology, we took key components already in place and expanded capabilities that allowed us to offer better technology and a better user (or in this case, patient) experience, while continuously keeping security and compliance top of mind.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Once we had a working dashDisburse prototype in production, we looked to our internal Dash Solutions team for initial feedback. We replicated the patient refund process and issued our team a digital payment to redeem and use as a healthcare patient receiving a refund would. We wanted full transparency – the good, the bad, and the ugly feedback, knowing it would only make our final product better. All the testing feedback gathered led to design adjustments that would make the patient experience even better and less cumbersome.

dashDisburse could not have been built without some incredible collaboration from our graphic design team, and product and engineering teams. Countless hours were spent crafting designs and user stories, working through if/then scenarios, and repeatedly testing out the new set of features. Not only did we want to release cutting-edge technology and features, but we wanted to ensure there was a stable environment that could support high volumes of patient interactions.

Ultimately, dashDisburse gives healthcare clients the ability to deliver patient refunds quickly while allowing the patient to then decide how they want to use their funds – near-instantly. This creates a more modern, streamlined process for the healthcare organization as well as a better patient experience.

A Note from Cassie:

Cassie Lehmann product managerOne of my favorite things about being a product manager at Dash Solutions is seeing something through from start to finish – concept, design, build, testing, production, and everything in between. After spending several months working through the details of dashDisburse and bringing it from concept to fruition, we’re excited to finally get this fantastic solution into the hands of healthcare providers. I love that I get to be a small part of patients’ journeys to financial wellness. dashDisburse is one way we are making a difference in their journeys, giving them immediate, certain access to their funds while offering them the option to spend or send their funds based on their unique needs.

 Dash Solutions is committed to continuously improving the product based on user needs and market trends.


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