Driving Engagement and Brand Loyalty for Milwaukee Tool

Driving Engagement and Brand Loyalty for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is a leading North American OEM for market power tools based out of Brookfield Wisconsin. They came to Dash Solutions to build mindshare, drive engagement, and boost loyalty among their Dealer Service Reps (DSRs). This was done in a strategic effort to create “Brand Champions” in their Milwaukee Tool Red Rewards Program. 


Milwaukee Tool had a uniquely positive problem. Due to the global popularity of the Milwaukee Tool brand, they needed a centralized rewards program to accommodate their growth and scale. They needed a promotion management program that could accommodate multiple promotions, across diverse products, targeted by specific audience attributes and rewards in a fun and engaging way.

Dash Solutions implemented Red Rewards with Milwaukee Tool’s business goals in mind in a creative, consultative, and distributor friendly way. The existing program lacked flexibility and tailored services required for the program to effectively scale with their own growth. Milwaukee Tool required a solution that would enable various incentives, running simultaneously, each with unique logic and targeted to specific logic and requirements. A key phase of the implementation process involved a deep scope and formal outlining of the detailed logic and requirements. This was important as they looked to ensure Dash launched a mature solution that met their needs to remain competitive and drive brand loyalty.


Dash Solutions worked with Milwaukee Tool to design, build, and launch the highly coveted Milwaukee Red Rewards program. Available to all dealers nationally, it hosts ongoing quarterly and annual promotions. The loyalty program SPIFFs different products and accessories, each with specific rules and payout values, creating a valuable and unique incentives experience. Products incentivized range from smaller accessories typically cross-sold such as any style tape measurer, to sophisticated tools like rivet guns. SKUs and specific models can be permissioned for varying payout amounts.

The program incentivizes about 4,500 USA-based Milwaukee Tool DSRs, along with strategic account managers and other participants. It motivates them to recall and sell their brand during customer interactions. Through a diverse assortment of unique promotions across hundreds of different products and differing payout values, Milwaukeee Tool Red Rewards utilizes an engaging digital platform to drive the channel sales behaviors that are most important to them. Milwaukee differentiates their brand from others through a highly branded and engaging user interface. On the backend, administrators have more control over program management and insight, including advanced reporting, budget controls, claims administration and more.


Upon registration to the Red Rewards program, personalization is immediately apparent. There is Milwaukee Tool branding and relevant features and modules to the user based on variable program permissions. Depending on hierarchy and permission levels, relevant user data is shown and captured, enabling DSRs and other participants to experience a targeted and consistent journey. After secure log-in to the homepage, specific audiences see only the incentive promotions that are targeted to them. This keeps the program relevant to the user and helps to drive engagement, brand loyalty, and mindshare.


"[Dash Solutions] is a great partner and their partnership means a lot! Every issue or idea I have they are willing to explore and try to find a solution for!"

Performance results and qualitative program evaluations are overwhelmingly positive as the program is more engaging, interactive, and relevant to participants. By leveraging Dash Solution’s flexible promotion and offer management platform, Milwaukee Tool measured ROI through a configurable solution. They offer year round loyalty but can also flex to run shorter term offers. Both include the ability to measure success and results in a centralized manner through the program.

After taking over the program in 2021, there were 125 active users that had submitted only 1,000 claims total. Fast forward to 2023, and they’re sitting on 4,500 registered users, which is over a 36x increase in program registrations from 2021. Staggeringly, every single month has seen participant growth for the program since launch. Along with audience growth, average monthly sales submissions have grown to over 40,000 approved claims per month in 2023. This is a 40x increase from the monthly average year over year

Milwaukee Tool and Dash Solutions continuously work to review and optimize the program to keep it fresh to engage their dealers and continue to build brand loyalty. We’re excited about the results and look forward to continuing to drive positive results for the Red Rewards program. 

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