Digital Payment Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

When challenging times occur, and relief and aid payments are Dash Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of payment and engagement solutions tailored to meet the needs of healthcare organizations, making their journey toward digitalization both simple and valuable to their bottom line.
necessary, we enable our clients to deliver them directly to thoseaffected with physical and digital card options. In the span of a few
days, we can provide organizations with turnkey solutions that althem to get funds into the hands of those who are most financially vulnerable with minimal documentation.

Industry Challenges

  • Inflation hit the healthcare industry late and will lag longer than in other industries, causing pressure on revenue.
  • Slow, antiquated payment methods are still being used to refund patients and pay clinical research participants.
  • Cybersecurity threats and fraud are chief concerns and having a safe, compliant, and secure payment method is extremely important.
  • Outdated payment methods (such as paper checks) tend to cause administrative burden for both patients and providers.
  • Lack of motivation of healthcare employees due to high stress levels and demands within the ever-evolving industry.
  • High-turnover rates and workforce shortages continue to affect a high percentage of healthcare organizations.

Use Cases

Clinical Trial Research Managers

  • Participant reimbursements
  • Participant payments & stipends
  • Internal expense management
  • Employee payroll

Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Patient reimbursements
  • Patient aid/subsidies
  • Customer promotions
  • Channel incentives

Medical Device Distributors

  • Channel/sales incentives
  • Employee rewards
  • Employee payroll
  • Employee per diem

Healthcare Providers

  • 3rd-party payment providers
  • Patient refunds
  • Employee payroll
  • Internal expense management


  • Patient reimbursements
  • Employee payroll
  • Staff recognition
  • Facility expense management

Healthcare Software Providers

  • Employee recognition
  • Employee payroll
  • Employee rewards
  • Expense management


  • Speedy Payments: Process payments near-instantly, improve cash flow, and save time for both payor and payee.
  • Reduce Risk: Protect customers’ privacy with more secure and compliant methods.
  • Improve Efficiency Utilize: cost-effective payment methods.
  • Increase Satisfaction: Improve payee satisfaction by making it faster, easier, and more convenient to receive a payment.
  • Boost Morale: Recognize and reward healthcare employees through an end-to-end, modern engagement platform.
  • Ease Administrative Burden: Cloud-based payment and engagement solutions can save organizations time and stress of manual work.
  • Eliminate Escheatment Liability: Dash Solutions takes full responsibility of escheatment liability so your organization doesn’t have to.

Things To Consider

Are you still making payments by paper check?

Are there pain points resulting from your current payment methods?

Are you incurring costs from your payment methods?

Is escheatment a nightmare? How about replacing lost checks?

Is there concern for fraud associated with delivery by check?

If you answered yes to the questions above, we can help!

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